There are four colors in the show, each with constructions: Black, Silver, Red and White.

Along with some vibrating kinds of male masturbators, we have only attempted two non-vibrating sleeves: the realistic Fleshlight Lotus along with the dull and clinical FiFi. With much anticipation, we obtained the Tenga Flip Hole in White.

So far as male sleeves proceed, the Flip Hole is discreet. At first glanceI doubt many folks would realize that it is a sex toy if the cap is set to cover the entry. In our view, it is an attractive design: Beautiful.

The Flip Hole Contains a Slide Cap along with the body. If the cap is: the Slide Cap is on. Once in use, the Slide Cap is removed and was re-positioned it secures the entire body shut and leaves the entry open.

Internal structure

The exterior is ABS plastic, and the components that are translucent include a gel-like material that is deliciously-squishy. When you pull on the body you expose a wealthy and changing arrangement. You have protect flap and a flap, which help stop lubricant and air . There’s sequence and an orb of spheres on a single side; a feel will be experienced by the side of the shaft. As you push further, the canal tightens for a minute before you get to the”End Orb,” that is intended to closely envelop the mind of their penis.

It is possible to wash your Tenga Flip Hole by slipping off the cap your system to start it. It is possible to use soap, but the material will be damaged by whatever. After rinsing, put it upside onto the cap so it’s propped vertical and open in the form of a tent. After a number of hours, I propose vibration squirt it up to loosen any water afterward and let it dry and opening the body. Once dry, place back so the entry hole is covered by it.

The Flip Hole is reusable although not indestructible. I have heard it thrown about which 50 is a fantastic number. Seeing as the squishy body consists of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), it will not survive so long as a toy made of silicone. Additionally, it is a substance that is porous, so that I would not recommend sharing it. Make sure you wash thoroughly after each use and allow to dry to prevent any kind of molding. If you have used it enough over time which you observe any odor, or that the arrangement is breaking apart chuck out. However, I guess this stage will come just after a few years (based on usage ).

Glossy the item, make sure you always use a whole lot of lubricant — that the compacted and to maintain your Hole lasting long, the perceptible. The Flip Hole will include 3 lubricant samples, but if you run outside, I propose choosing something water-based like Sliquid.

Outer tube packaging

The Tenga Flip Hole is packed simply in a transparent tube. It is non-explicit, tidy, and clean. Light is quite thick, Wild is slim with a dash of menthol, and Actual drops somewhere in the center.

From the bundle

The Tenga Flip Hole has been simple to get ready to be used. We eliminated the Slide Cap to start the entire body, poured lubricant and shut it again, this time setting the Slide Cap on the entry remained reachable.

The case of the Flip Hole is made to be comfortable to maintain: it is not a plastic case that was rigid. You can compress the Flip Hole. The comfortably-sized and squeezable situation is a massive plus; it is so much simpler for us to manage in bed together compared to Fleshlight Lotus. From a partner perspective, this is appreciated by me. I sometimes found the Fleshlight big to hold, however, the Flip Hole is little enough for me to manage easily.

The Flip Hole accommodates around approximately 5.5″ — 6.0″ of span. Then you are going to find the experience, if you are around this span. And if you are under 5.5 inches, then you will still have to enjoy the changing, enjoyable textures at the center of the sleeve.

So that your thumb rests on these pads, on the outside, you’ve got three pads; traction your hands round the Flip Hole. Mr. Ruby appreciated these pads direct your clasp to personalize his senses. The base pad (nearest to the entry ) raised the snugness of his insertion, the centre pad raised suction, and also the top pad raised the snugness across the head of his manhood when he was completely inserted.

Mr. Ruby discovered the Flip Hole pleasurable in the get-go. As he added himself he could identify the entry sphere before the spheres which lined the section enveloped him. He created, this was shown to be a wealthy feeling. This feeling visibly improved by pressing on on on the pad because the canal tightened about him. Since the mind is pushed to the world, it slips long, several nubs. The outcomes were orgasmic, After this was put together; at the times we have utilized this ” he has not taken long to climax.

It is safe to say, then, the Tenga Flip Hole in White includes a pretty intense feel; the TPE is company enough that the feel does not only melt away into nothingness; it is evident through usage, and it is comfortable enough to quickly send.

Mr. Ruby also appreciated the Flip Hole does not need to be utilised in a particular orientation. By way of instance, it can flip around so he can experiment with spheres’ collection on the bottom of his shaft. This retains the Flip Hole’s senses changeable and clean.

Mr. Ruby and I are not a lover of this squelching sound. When air is escaping or we are playing with this center pad, a loud SQUELCH noise cancelling from this awesome small sleeve as Mr. Ruby thrusts. It is comparable and surprising to the sound of a toilet plunger, which is sexy. I am not certain how they’ve prevented this, and squelching sounds are not rare in sleeves that are man. It is the only difficulty we have discovered, and only unfortunate.


The Tenga Flip Hole White is among Mr. Ruby’s favorite toys up to now, and his certain favorite concerning non-vibrating sleeves. It’s a sleek design and it’s simple to keep. It’s comfortable to hold and it seems fantastic. The White model supplies ones that provide climaxes that are simple, perceptions.