Oxy Penis Ring Review

I had high hopes to your Oxy Shop Stainless Steel Chain Penis Ring but finally I can not offer a complete review of all of the joys a toy such as this could bring. Allow me to clarify. Put within a velour bag for storage and it comes wrapped in a plastic wrap that is sealed to protect it.

A string detail that’s wonderful surrounds the stainless steel cock ring. The product that I received to review has been 45mm. In this way is intended to go round the bottom of your penis and balls A cock ring.

I have used silicone and other stretchy type penis rings previously and have utilized 45mm cock rings but for the life span of me I couldn’t get my balls throughout the Oxy Shop Stainless Steel Chain Penis Ring, let alone my penis also, irrespective of how much lube I had used.

I had been disappointed. Alas this cock ring could slip across the bottoms of my penis, although I wished to have the ability to wear this out and around.

The weight of this 45mm size is a hefty 6.6 oz or 188 g. While in erect and my shaft it did provide the feeling but not tight enough to remain in place. With a slathering of lube it makes it more challenging to keep in my penis since the weight of this penis ring gets you down. So… not precisely the experience I wanted.

Though it did not match, I’ve had adventures previously with penis rings. I suggest it if I could match my penis and balls.

The only issue is tidy up using this chain’s grooves. An old toothbrush could help do the trick but that I threw it and it came out alright.

8/10 (since I could not wear it correctly, otherwise a 10/10).

I have never noticed the Duke disappointed whilst performing a shout Panel review. Though the Oxy Shop Stainless Steel Chain Penis Ring did not quite fit the way I will tell you it’s hot that is hot! I really like also the strain of the metal from my clit along with the appearance of the string detail while fucking the Duke while this is worn by him.