Wild Things


Wild Things returns Sat. Nov. 25th with "Wild Things: Bite Club!"

SF Citadel. 181 Eddy St., S.F. (map), 1PM-6:30PM, $25, 18+ 

Please check out our event listing on FetLife to RSVP, volunteer, etc!
Wild Things isn't just an event. It is also an 18+ online community focused around the S.F. Bay Area's petplay, puppy play, furry, and primal communities, and those who love them! Before attending, we recommend that you join our free, online chat group of nearly 200 people, hosted on Telegram's free, anonymous chat software  -- download a client for your phone or computer, and contact @sleeplesseye to be added. Please get to know a few attendees and possibly even arrange a few potential play partners or scenes before attending your first event, as it will greatly increase your enjoyment of the party. We also have regular social events, meet-ups, parties, and takeovers throughout the year, and the chat group is the best place to find out everything that we do. 

We host LARGE quarterly Wild Things parties at SF CItadel, the Bay Area's premiere 18+ kink and sex-friendly social event for petplayers and furries, pups and kitties, ponies and primals, handlers and revelers, littles and animal lovers... and all those who appreciate the energy they bring into our space! Wild Things is a "queer, but accepting" event designed to be fun and accepting for everyone, whether they are new and just want to hang out, socialize, snack, and watch demos... if they like hugging and snuggling with others... or if they want to enjoy the festivities and play in San Francisco's largest public dungeon!

Welcome to the jungle, baby... but watch out for vicious creatures that bite! 
We're baring our fangs and unleashing the primal animal with Wild Things: Bite Club... for everyone who likes a little nibble, a flurry of noms, or who wants to learn a bit more about how to make your teeth some of the sexiest items in your BDSM toy collection!

Expect music, demos, petplay, puppy play, rope bondage, tons of furries, and many surprises... More event details coming soon!

This Wild Things will feature:
- Biting play demos, events, and activities.
- A selection of free hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and snacks to enjoy!
- Music by DJ's Gretchen Weeners (Death Guild, House of Nox) and AuralIncarnation (BENT!) 
- Suspensions by Naturalturn (Naughty Knotty)
- Vacuum bed & waxplay demos by Spottacus
- Petplay, puppyplay, and furry demos
- Fursuit gear demos
- The cuddle zone!
- Petplay / puppyplay mosh run by the S.F. K-9 Unit!
...and more, to be announced!

At the SF Citadel, 181 Eddy St., S.F.
Wild Things is 18+, ID REQUIRED. $25 at the door. Volunteer for an hour and get in free! (Details on SF Citadel volunteer positions coming soon... or contact me on Telegram to volunteer with the promotion team or as kitchen manager! Numerous positions available!

Dress code: Animal-themed, fetish, creative, leather, etc.

Meet new friends, and participate in fun, playful, cuddly, sexy activities. Dress up, play, and express yourself as part of the show! Creative expression is highly encouraged. The crowd for Wild Things tends to be very LGBTQ friendly, and on the younger, high-energy side, but we're open to all ages. Shy and new people are especially invited, with a large casual lounge great for meeting new people, multiple DJs, a non-sexual cuddle space, and several activities and demos geared towards those who are new and finding their way. It's entirely possible to enjoy Wild Things without flirting or indulging your wild side, but SF CItadel is a supportive, accepting environment which allows for consensual BDSM and safer sex practices!

This is a party guests rave about, whether they're shy and introverted, or wild and extroverted. We've got something for you! Please RSVP for the event on Fetlife, join the Wild Things chat group, and follow our Fetlife community for the latest updates! And please encourage your friends to go, share http://tiny.cc/wildthings with others, or have them check out our chat group on Telegram!

Look forward to seeing you there, wild things...