Nightmare on Eddy Street!

Our Halloween party was given a great name by the folks over at SFTNG who are doing it with us "Nightmare on Eddy Street"
Ever since we moved to Eddy Street we've heard from kinksters complaining about what a nightmare Eddy Street is anyway, so the title is perfect!  Seriously, though, there's nothing to fear in walking Eddy Street.   I've come to just think of those hanging out on the streets as the local wildlife.  They're harmless enough, and most are very polite, nice people just down on their luck.  If they stare at you, don't worry.  They're just trying to figure out if they're seeing one person or four.  Some may act like zombies, so just think of them in this instance as a part of the Halloween ambience!
Inside on Halloween we promise you a true Nightmare on Eddy Street spooktackular!   The folks at SFTNG are renting a u-haul and plan on spending two days decorating the SFCitadel as it's never been decorated before.  Special dungeon delights for munchies, special Halloween music, and even a fog machine!  Ladies and gentlemen, spooks and spirits, this will not just be another night in the dungeon !!!
And just to make it clear, because some have asked, this is an event open to all.  SFTNG may be a youth group that holds many age restricted events, but this isn't one of them.  Halloween is for everyone, so please join us one and all for what's going to be a very special night of Halloween mayhem in the dungeon.  Come on, you've been to too many Halloween parties where the screaming is faked recorded shit.  Where else can you go and hear the real thing?  Or be the real screamer?  Or be the one making your dungeon date be the real screamer?  How may other Halloween parties can you go to in a real dungeon and actually torture somebody, or be tortured, and have it all go to a great cause??? (as in helping support both the SFCitadel and SFTNG)
Advance tickets are available for Nightmare on Eddy Street for $25 plus a service charge at PurplePass.  Or... want to take a chance that they're still available at the door... the same price.

We'll be lurking for you!!!

Introducing Bob

Sometimes even a big announcement about a change gets overlooked by a lot of people. It seems that everyday I still talk to people who are surprised that Phil and August are no longer running the day to day operations of the SFCitadel. And that leads to another explanation that they still own it, but that they just wanted a quieter life and wanted to move to a small town high up in the Sierras where the big excitement at night is watching bats going after the bugs swarming in the street lights. You know, the kind of town that most of us could live in for about five minutes. But heaven has many rooms in it and for some people fresh mountain air and a small town feeling is the very definition of heaven. And after 11 years of literally spending every minute of every day worrying about the ups and downs of the SFCitadel, if anyone deserves a peaceful and mellower life, it's Phil and August.

So out of the blue about two months ago I got a call from them asking if I'd be interested in running the place for them. When the shock wore off I told them I was honored to be considered for doing this. Phil expressed his confidence in me by reminding me that he'd be talking to me on the phone every day and that he'd be just five hours away. August told me not to touch the parties, that the party hosts remain in charge of their events.

To many in the pansexual community the first question that came up was "Who the hell is that guy?". So, to briefly introduce myself, I've been kinky since I was 13 (really) and I'm a member of the mens community, which is why many of you never heard of me and immediately asked the question. I'm from Florida and have lived here in San Francisco for the past 18 years with my partner of 28 years, Rob. I also have a slaveboy of 6 years, Eric. Many of you in the pan community know Eric better than I because due to the kindness of Phil and August he lived with them in the SFCitadel for almost 2 years. I've been a part of the SFCitadel since it's second weekend. I missed the opening weekend because that was also the closing weekend of the old Scenery in Hayward, and I wanted to be there to say goodbye to that great space. At one time I hosted the mens parties at the SFCitadel. I've been running the demos for Leather Alley at SFPride for I'm not sure how many years now, they're all becoming a blur.

Many of you have noticed the first thing I did when I took charge. I asked some volunteers to paint those god damned ugly front doors that I've hated since the first time I saw them a nice bright inviting kinky red! It was a project that took a few days to allow paint to dry and additional coats to be done, so it looked like hell for a bit. And some clod took pictures of it half done and sent them to Phil and August showing what a mess I made of the place. Phil immediately expressed his confidence in me by e-mailing "The doors look horrible, paint them back the way they were!!!!!". And I explained that the project wasn't finished yet and that all would soon be fine. And things have been moving uphill ever since lol!

How much trust? Well, we still talk on the phone almost every day. Sometimes more than once. And lots of e-mails. So don't feel that the SFCitadel has passed completely from Phil and Augusts hands. You may be seeing me instead of them, but they still have the final word on everything.

The SFCitadel is something way more than just a building. Through four locations over eleven years we've been building a kinky community together, all of us together. More than anyplace else, the SFCitadel really is the kinky heart of the kinkiest city in the world. I feel that as much as Phil and August did when they were running the place and still feel it although they're now located a bit up the road.

I'm hoping you'll all help me in not only just keeping the SFCitadel going, but helping it to thrive and grow in the future so that it can be better than ever. And it's going to take the efforts of a lot of you, so if you're interested in helping, please step up to the plate!

I have a motto that I think of every time I'm dealing with an issue involving a place that's as precious to so many people as the SFCitadel is: "Just don't fuck it up!"